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Motivate the behaviors that drive your business. Tap into your sales team’s natural competitive spirit. Supercharge your sales culture. Recognize your top performers. Engage a new generation of sales reps. 

Engage Sales Teams Everywhere

When your sales teams are distributed in remote offices or out in the field, it can be hard to sustain a unified team culture. Hoopla helps you connect your teams in an exciting, play-to-win culture that keeps everyone up to date on the latest sales scores.

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Friendly Competition Made


How do you motivate your sales team to perform their best? Tap into their competitive spirit.

  • Make running competitions a snap with our suite of challenge templates
  • Our sports-style sales leaderboards display rankings in real time
  • Track individual and team performance at a glance
Celebrate wins


Recognition is proven to motivate employees more than compensation or commissions. Hoopla automatically broadcasts public recognition the minute someone hits a data threshold or closes a deal in their CRM.

  • Get customized profiles, walk up songs, and video introductions for all team members 
  • Alerts interrupt the TV channels and are automatically pushed to Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Colleagues can add their kudos, emojis, and thumbs up…or even a bit of trash talk
Track Performance


Hoopla is built to leverage the data that lives in your CRM system.

  • Make it easy to motivate your team around key metrics and goals through transparency
  • Drive user adoption, improve data quality and increase activities
  • Everyone can see the progress being made as performance continues to improve
Create a High-Performance


Top sales organizations develop cultures that motivate and engage their teams.

  • Creating and reinforcing that culture has never been easier with Hoopla
  • Data intelligence and motivational psychology expertise built right in
  • Focus on what matters – coaching your team

Supercharge Your Team

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