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Intelligent motivation through Hoopla keeps all of your employees engaged and inspired. Whether Work-from-home, outside-sales or simply traveling for work. 

 Deliver the Hoopla experience everywhere. Keep your team connected and motivated.

Deliver the same, exciting Hoopla experience to your employees working from home or on the road. With multiple ways to engage your team from anywhere, through Tablets, Slack & Microsoft Teams integrations and our mobile app. 

With working from home we needed the ability to have some sense of team and celebrating the wins with each other. This has helped us make sure everyone still gets the recognition they deserve. We used it while in the office on our TV’s, but now we can still celebrate the wins being remote. 

- Taylor Brinton
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Secondscreen by Raydiant

Secondscreen is an all-in-one communications hub for anyone working from home. Leverage this customized Microsoft surface tablet to take meetings, view info and  stay connected. Hoopla is proud to be an exclusive partner with Raydiant, bringing real-time recognition and analytics to anyone with the Secondscreen. 

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Leverage our bi-directional slack integration to instantly celebrate a closed deal, a new meeting booked, or a goal reached. Create recognition inside slack channels, or push the celebration out to Hoopla streaming channels from slack. 

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Microsoft Teams

Hoopla’s integration with Microsoft Teams keeps your team up to date and celebrating no matter where they work.

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Hoopla’s mobile app – available on iOS and Android allows you to take Hoopla with you – wherever you are. Get real-time alerts on your phone, view rankings and even challenge others to competitions from anywhere. 

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Multiple types of email summaries can be configured to be automatically sent when players get added to a competition, after a competition summarizing the results, or at the end of the day overall – highlighting key metrics. 

We utilize this software to highlight leaderboards, Goals, and most importantly Win flashes should we land a big deal that week. This has been a great tool to keep us in the loop with communication and staff really enjoy the breaking news flashes.

- G2 Crowd Review

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