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Integrate and celebrate.

Our integrations connect your team’s everyday workflow to the data you need. See real-time results and automate your reporting.

You have enough to do — let Hoopla automate your motivation.

Connect the Hoopla platform to popular data sources like Salesforce and Google Sheets to get the data you need without the hassle.


Leverage the Raydiant experience platform and beautiful displays to showcase Hoopla everywhere.

  • Leverage Raydiant hardware to showcase Hoopla at its best in offices.
  • Use a custom configured Microsoft Surface 2 Go to create an ‘always on’ streaming company channel for work from home employees.
  • Schedule when Hoopla shows up on screens with Raydiant to make meetings more impactful, or to create a ‘power hour’.

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Broadcast your Salesforce data for the whole team to use. Our integration connects seamlessly with Salesforce’s APIs, helping you display Salesforce CRM data in a dynamic, engaging way.

  • Display CRM data in minutes.
  • Map any object, any field.
  • Use Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions of Salesforce.


Use the most popular workplace communication software with Hoopla in minutes. With Slack integration, you can amplify your messages to the team.

  • Introduce or congratulate team members on your devices.
  • Remind your team to update their forecasts.
  • Broadcast conversations, channels, and newsflashes from your desk.

Google Sheets

Our Sheets integration gives you the ability to reuse spreadsheet formulas to format data so your leaderboards look the way you want.

  • Create custom metrics and reporting.
  • Import new sources of data.
  • Leverage the ecosystem you already have.

Microsoft Excel

Like Google Sheets, our Excel integration lets you expand your possibilities by importing your Microsoft ecosystem into Hoopla’s communication capabilities.

  • Sync Hoopla bidirectionally to your spreadsheets.
  • Trigger newsflashes with custom metrics and functions.
  • Track invoices, budgeting, and sales quotas publicly.

“With the integration of Salesforce reports, we’re able to break data down and showcase some highlights specific to each department. Most of all, the steps keep us up to date with how our company is doing as a whole.”

—Julian K., Systems Manager, Financial Services Company

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