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 By gamifying the workplace and making performance metrics visible to everyone, agents can see where they stand, are inspired to improve and find work more enjoyable. 

Motivate Through Gamification

High employee turnover is extremely expensive and can be especially high in call centers. Disengaged agents have lower levels of performance and customer satisfaction and can negatively impact company morale. Hoopla leverages gamification to drive increases in engagement, performance, and retention. 

Make Work More 


Hoopla pulls data directly from Talkdesk and Salesforce to create visibility, competition and public recognition. 

  • Repetitive tasks, like making cold calls or answering phones can be boring and lead to disengaged employees
  • Create easy friendly competition with our suite of gamification tools, like contests, leaderboards and goals
  • Celebrate wins automatically and infuse energy into the culture everyday with shared celebration
Engage Your

Remote Agents

Keep your remote agents engaged and connected to the culture wherever they are.

  • Public recognition, visibility into all key metrics, and friendly competition
  • Keep them connected through slack, teams, email summaries and our mobile app
  • No matter where agents are based, make work more fun and inspires your agents to perform at their best
Automate Real-Time


Recognition from managers and peers is proven to increase engagement and reduce employee turnover.

  • Automatically recognize achievements and goal completion 
  • Let other employees pile on the good vibes 
  • Recognize on TVs, Slack, Teams and Mobile Devices 
Increase Visibility with


Clear expectations and goals are key to a culture of performance and accountability.

  • Realtime performance metrics and rankings
  • Keep the entire team on the same page
  • Make sure everyone knows what is expected of them and where they stand 

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