Team Performance Platform

For Your Entire Company

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Motivate Your Sales Teams

How do you motivate your sales team to perform their best? Make them famous. Hoopla’s professionally designed leaderboards, challenges and virtual sales gongs make it easy to track individual and team progress in an exciting visual format.

Reps can see at a glance where they stand, and what they need to do to win. Built with high-velocity sales teams in mind, Hoopla delivers the key features you need to motivate your team and score more wins.

Connect Remote Employees

Businesses are getting more distributed and employees are often in remote offices or on the road. Keeping people aligned and motivated is a big challenge.

Hoopla helps to build a culture of recognition and reward by broadcasting key company events and extending the culture.

How does it work?

Hoopla connects to your CRM or pulls data from any spreadsheet to give you up to date stats on your team’s performance. Custom TV channels can be set up and broadcast for any team or location. Employees are alerted to breaking news through push notifications on their phones and newsflashes can be personalized with songs, photos, and messages.

How it works.

Selected Clients

Our average percent of coal for appointments set increased from 85% to 125%, and our pipeline and revenue growth has increased as well. Reps are hitting their quotas, and even hitting their stretch bookings goals. Hoopla helps keep them hungry.

Nick Boeka, Senior Manager

Salespeople are like athletes. The more information they have that is relevant to the race they’re running, the better they can perform. Hoopla is a sales motivator—a coach that helps our team run faster.

Mike Massimi, Director of Sales and International Development

Hoopla has allowed us to expand the universe of what we motivate our sales reps to do...With Hoopla, we can go beyond just recognizing top performers and recognize people for behaviors that lead to sales.

Tony Small, Vice President of Sales, Strategy and Operations

By launching Hoopla along with the other systems we put in place, we grew our number of meetings set by 650%, our pipeline by 250%, and our bookings by more than 100%.

Chad Burmeister, Director of Corporate Sales