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Broadcast performance updates, recognize wins and share successes to everyone, everywhere.

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Connect Teams with
Mobile App

It’s never been so easy to effectively communicate with and connect your employees, whether on-site or at your corporate offices. Our new Hoopla by Raydiant mobile app enables you to push out a variety of messages at scale, for emergency, news, or ongoing recognition. Messages can be sent instantly to the team for access through their phones, or for on-site teams, displayed across back office or break room digital signage.

Increase employee
engagement through
gamification and

Create sales contests for a variety of scenarios – for on-site or deskless employees, celebrating in-store sales of a limited time offering or other seasonal menu special. For corporate teams, celebrate who closed the most deals or who resolved the most support tickets. Easily view your team’s leaderboard stats and rankings and celebrate important achievements as teams reach their goals. Receive personalized notifications on your Hoopla by Raydiant mobile app as team members hit milestones, so you never miss a win.

Celebrate & Recognize Wins of your team

More exciting than a dashboard. More powerful than a game. Hoopla by Raydiant drives big, measurable gains in your team’s productivity and performance.

Create a high performance

Learn why the leading companies are hooked on Hoopla by Raydiant. Start your free trial today, and find out why Hoopla by Raydiant is the #1 motivation and engagement platform.

Motivate Your
team Anywhere

Your teams need motivation at the speed and scale of the best performing organizations – keep your team inspired with Hoopla by Raydiant wherever they work.

Learn About The Importance Of An Engaged And Connected Culture.

Great employees deserve great recognition and communication tied to the results that matter.

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