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Broadcast performance updates, recognize wins and share successes to everyone, everywhere. 

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More exciting than a dashboard. More powerful than a game. Hoopla drives big, measurable gains in your team’s productivity and performance. 

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Broadcast news, social media, performance updates and connect remote employees through Slack, Teams, Zoom, and Bluejeans. 


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Your teams need motivation at the speed and scale of the best performing organizations – keep your team inspired with Hoopla where ever they work. 

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Their team helped build and customize our Hoopla leaderboard and it runs on our TV’s all day. Both Sales and Ops love it and i’ve already seen an ROI based on the new competitive vibe across our floor. If you are reading this, DO IT!

“Great tool!”

Hoopla is a wonderful and fairly easy tool to create transparency and boost morale within an organization.  It can easily be configured to also various metrics of other parts of an organization, allowing you the ability to highlight every team and their accomplishments for the entire organization to see. 

“We love Hoopla!”

With working from home we needed the ability to have some sense of team and celebrating the wins with each other. This has helped us make sure everyone still gets the recognition they deserve. We used it while in the office on our TV’s, but now we can still celebrate the wins being remote. 

Results that Speak for Themselves

Increase in Productivity

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Hoopla can help you lead your team and enhance your culture. Let us show you how it can help you – for free. 

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