Fluid Edge Themes

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Increase Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are happier, serve customers better and stay at organizations longer. Don’t lose an employee’s experience and relationships and keep expensive replacement hiring processes to a minimum. Employees are more engaged through communication, recognition and celebration with Hoopla!

Motivate Your Team

With Hoopla, work doesn’t have to be dull. By bringing your data to life and facilitating friendly competition, Hoopla helps sales departments stay motivated. At the same time, you can display recent customer success wins or marketing campaigns.  This highlights recent accomplishments; further motivating those departments to break through goals and achieve higher.

Transform Your Culture

Creating a high performance culture is a goal for many organizations. The best way is to create employee behaviors that lead to high performance. Hoopla can be a catalyst for change, or reinforce those behaviors by leveraging a key set of tools and broadcasting results.

Connect Remote Employees

Hoopla keeps your entire organization on the same page, no matter the distance. Our platform connects via multiple screens, and can be a great way to relay information in a fun and engaging way. Leverage our mobile app to keep road warriors and remote employees engaged.