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Our Boost Index assessment will tell you the exact things that you need to start focusing on as a sales manager. Input information on your sales team. Get a free fully customized report with actionable steps to motivate your sales team’s performance. 


Looking for a way to identify the key things you need to be doing today as a sales leader to improve your teams performance? How about a way to help identify your teams strengths and weaknesses? Our Boost Index assessment is a guided series of questions that will help you focus in on the items that matter for your sales team. This is not a small survey, but a true assessment that will require honest reflection, and will allow you to see a customized 7 page report on your results. 

Identify Your Teams Strengths and Weaknesses in the Following Performance Dimensions


Measure the extent to which your sales team is enthusiastic about their work. 


How knowledgable is your sales team on sales practices? How much do they understand your companies products, services or solutions? 


How consistently does your team reach sales goals and objectives? 


Measures the attitudes, values and habits that characterize your team. 

Identify Your Teams Top Motivational Profile from the Following


Is the primary motivator for your team prestige through collected achievements or status inherited through tenure? 

Monetary Rewards

Is monetary rewards – commissions, bonuses, etc – the primary motivator for your team? 


Encouragement, Reinforcement and Praise fall under Recognition as a motivational profile. 

Goal Achievement

Is setting and achieving goals your teams primary motivator? 

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