Motivate in the rhythm of business.

Recognizing and celebrating your team’s wins scales their successes, creating high-performance teams and individuals.

Your teams need motivation at the speed and scale of the best-performing organizations.

Inspire your team to achieve greatness through gamification, broadcast anywhere, that showcases key business results with seamless integrations.

Sales Leaderboards

Give real-time insight into team performance, keeping them hungry for the next win.

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Sales Contests

Create an engaging workplace with contests like battles, tournaments, races, and face-offs.

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Sales Deal Alerts

Give spot recognition to anyone who closes a deal, anywhere.

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Sales Leaderboards

See real-time progress.

Transparent, public recognition motivates your teams to perform even better.

Team and Individual Leaderboards

Show your people who’s on top to incite friendly competition and drive performance.

Top-performer Showcase

Automatically showcase the top performers, best improvement, or biggest movers to reinforce key behaviors.

Team Progress

Track different team progress against your goals with progress bars and gauges.

Sales Contests

Challenge with contests.

Amplify the competitive spirit of top performers with contests, challenges, and face-offs to drive performance across your teams.


Battles allow individuals or teams to compete against each other to see who will take the top spot.

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Tournaments allow up to 64 team members to compete on a metric and vie for the top spot.


Races pit team members against each other for a single metric, seeing who can get there first.


Face-offs create a competition for two team members on a single metric and time frame.

Sales Deal Alerts

Shoutout your sales.

Deal alerts provide real-time recognition for key results, reinforcing great work and cultural values.

Real-time Recognition

Praising goals and the people who achieve them creates a positive feedback loop of progress.

Goals and Celebrations

Set a closed-won deal alert to rally the team and unite celebration around goals.

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Achievement Pile-ons

Let your team like, comment, and share achievements to create camaraderie and culture.

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Personalized Profiles

Customize alerts for each sales rep with walk-up songs, profile images, and videos.

Communication Channels

Show results where they work.

Your team needs to be recognized and celebrated no matter where they are, on multiple devices and channels.

TV, Web, and Mobile

Celebrate wins on TVs and digital signage throughout the office as well as on web and mobile apps.

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Motivational Quotes

Inspire your team with motivational quotes from great leaders throughout history.

Broadcast Messages

Share company news and announcements instantly on multiple devices.

Tips and Tricks

Keep your people up to date on what’s worked for their colleagues as well as across the industry.

Social Media Streams

Import social media feeds directly into the streams for an up-to-the-minute pulse on the market.


Integrate and celebrate.

Our integrations connect your team’s everyday workflow to the data you need. See real-time results and automate your reporting.

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See for yourself.

One of our clients increased average deal size by 42%.

Over 20,000 additional unique activities have been recorded by one client since using Hoopla.

A client increased their overall deal activity by 48%.

“Hoopla has truly been a game changer at motivating our team! Every month we update our celebration songs to keep the excitement alive, and the beautiful leaderboards easily stream the latest metrics to our entire staff. The visibility really makes life so much easier. We love it!”

—Andrei Grayson

Read about recognition.

Dr. Tina Hallis explains how you can start using positivity to increase performance, creativity, and happiness in the workplace in our e-book “The Magic of Positivity and Recognition at Work.”

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