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Hoopla Motivation Platform

The Ultimate in Employee Engagement

Great achievement requires employee engagement. And the number one way to engage today’s employees is with transparency and appreciation. Hoopla’s Motivation Platform provides the means to communicate across your entire organization, creating engaged, aligned, and motivated individuals and teams.

Hoopla TV

Supercharge your culture by broadcasting employee achievements across the organization on TVs. Hoopla makes it easy to configure and maintain as many channels as you'd like for any department .

Hoopla Mobile

The Hoopla Mobile app gives employees the ability to stay connected no matter their location. Push notifications let them know when something happens in real-time, they can monitor their rankings and stay engaged with the rest of the organization.

Hoopla Platform

Hoopla’s Motivation Platform pulls performance data from the applications you already use and broadcasts live updates on big-screen TVs, the web, and mobile devices. Open APIs and Zapier integration ensure full compatibility and content management features are highly customizable.