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The Complete Motivation and Management Platform

Backed by motivation Science, Hoopla helps Managers Turn Their Team into Superstar Performers 

Data Visualization with Leaderboards

Bring your data to life with beautiful leaderboards on any device. 

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Recognize and Celebrate with Newsflashes

Hoopla helps managers celebrate every win, big or small, publicly. Help the entire company celebrate as soon as a win happens. 

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Friendly Competition with Contests

Connect your team with Hoopla gamification: run sales contests and competitions with ease using the data you already have. 

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Connect with Streaming Channels 

Get Hoopla on any device anytime; communicate birthdays, anniversaries, twitter highlights and so much more. 

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Get Hoopla Anywhere You Work

Stream Hoopla on TVs

Hoopla turns your data into beautiful streaming channels of motivation that can work on any TV. Boost performance in your department by streaming leaderboards, newsflashes, contests and more on TVs all over the office. 

Bring Your Office Home

With Raydiant’s Second Screen to bring Hoopla to a preconfigured Microsoft Surface Tablet built to improve communication. This tablet combines video conferencing, internal communications, and real-time data sharing so employees can work without interruption. 

Boost Performance on any PC or Laptop

Stream Hoopla channels on PC through your browser or Salesforce. Get insights from Hoopla dashboards. Let Hoopla automatically update your executive team, and motivate your reps with key insights through summary emails.

Stay Motivated Wherever You Work

Hoopla integrates natively with Slack and Teams. Get newsflash alerts streamed straight to these apps that you already use. Hoopla also has a mobile app for iOS and Android that can motivate anywhere a team might be. 


Hoopla connects to all of the tools managers use to supercharge performance

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See for yourself.

One of our clients increased average deal size by 42%.

Over 20,000 additional unique activities have been recorded by one client since using Hoopla.

A client increased their overall deal activity by 48%.

“Until Hoopla, we had never seen people clapping and high-fiving when a deal closed.”

—VP of Sales

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