Keep everyone aligned, no matter the size, location, or focus of your company.

Hoopla's platform engages your employees by pulling performance data from the applications you already use and broadcasting live updates on big-screen TVs, the web, and mobile devices.

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More goodies under the hood


Create and monitor teams for each department within your company.


Define the metrics that drive your business. Stream data from the systems you already use.

Device Management

You can control multiple devices running Hoopla TV remotely, with the click of a button.

Integrate with the applications you already use


Use Hoopla's Salesforce integration to get the most out of your CRM data. With Hoopla, you can communicate sales progress to the entire company, celebrate wins as they occur, and display your Salesforce metrics & reports in real time.

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Google Sheets

Leverage spreadsheet formulas to format data the way you want it to show on Leaderboards. Our bi-directional syncing allows you to trigger Newsflashes and populate Leaderboards easily and seamlessly.

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Use our Slack app to extend communication even further by posting important announcements as Newsflashes on Hoopla TV.

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