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Make Every Workday Engaging

Hoopla's competitive features like Face-off challenges and tournaments boost motivation when employees need it most. Boost friendly competition and a sense of urgency by letting reps start face-off challenges between each other, or create full scale department tournaments.

Encourage Friendly Competition

Are you King of Calls or Queen of Meetings Booked? With Faceoff, you can duel it out with another rep on your team and fight for your rightfully earned title.

Boost Motivation for your Reps

Racing to meet your quotas, but need a little push? Faceoff helps create a sense of urgency between your colleagues to increase metrics where it’s needed most.

Get your whole team involved

Initiate a Tournament and create a sense of urgency with your team as they all look to achieve the top spot. Tournaments are great ways to motivate departments, and real time updates on where the rankings stand can be broadcast on Hoopla TV.

Face-Off Challenges

Leverage Hoopla to ignite challenges for two sales reps. Select a metric and a timeframe and let them decide who will be the champion. Even better, let your reps initiate face-offs and encourage friendly competition throughout your department.


Hoopla tournaments are excellent ways to drive motivation among your sales reps. Get up to 64 different reps involved, select a metric and watch as your reps work to become #1.

Hoopla Tournaments
Hoopla Race


Races allow you to supercharge efforts to reach a certain milestone. Set a goal and watch employees compete to be the first to reach it.


Drive friendly competition and battle it out among sales reps to see who is the top dog. Hoopla Battles allow organizations to motivate their reps by identifying key metrics to aim for and challenging them to get to that metric by a specific date.

Hoopla Battles
Drive Competition in your Organization.