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Gamification Case Studies

In this eBook, Hoopla has compiled case studies from customers including ConnectAndSell, Glassdoor, Zillow, and Xactly to illustrate exactly how gamification can be used to drive desirable sales behaviors.

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Driving Performance Through Gamification

Hoopla's Sales Gamification eBook is full of tips you can start using today to motivate, recognize and reward your sales team, and deliver measurable results.

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The Magic of Positivity and Recognition at Work

Thought leader Tina Hallis explains how you can start using positivity to increase performance, creativity and happiness in the workplace. Download your free guide.

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The Startup Guide to Building the Best Sales Team

Building a productive, motivated and successful sales team from the ground up takes time, knowledge and best practices. Our VP of Sales shares some valuable tips and tricks.

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5 Keys to Managing and Motivating Millennials

Millennials are your new sales force. This eBook is full of tips you can start using today to effectively manage, motivate, recognize and reward your Millennial employees.

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8 Statistics You Have to Know About Hiring and Working with Millennials

Millennials are expected to make up 46% of the workforce by 2020. Manila Recruitment brings you the top 8 things backed with statistics that firms and recruitment agencies need to know about the perceptions and expectations of millennials in the workplace and how they are at work.

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Conquering the Ups & Downs, How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated!

Aaron Ross and SmartZip discuss their experience of driving business and keeping sales teams motivated!

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