Hoopla by Raydiant Employee Rewards Platform

Real-life prizes to incentivize employees

Who doesn’t love a little thank-you gift for a job well done? Our Rewards program lets your employees shop real-life prizes based on a points system you control. Incentivize your team with every KPI conquered, goal smashed, and quota beat. Each win will mean more to your employees when they can choose their own prize at the end. And workers that feel appreciated are more productive, and contribute to a stronger work culture. It’s literally a “win-win” for all!

How employee rewards
benefit your business

70% of employees said rewards were a strong workplace motivator

Businesses with rewards programs report a 79% success rate in achieving workplace goals

90% of top-performing companies use rewards programs for their sales teams

88% of employees think it’s important for employers to reward employees for hard work

Companies that offer rewards programs reduce the likelihood of turnover by 26%

How Hoopla’s Employee Reward Platform works

Employees receive points for each achievement or desired behavior. Once they collect enough points, they can shop the online Rewards marketplace for a real-life prize. You get to decide when to reward your employees, how many points to allot for each action, and the trade value for each point. You also get to choose the prizes you offer on your Rewards marketplace page, for a program that’s completely customized to your business and team. 

Browse and Redeem
Rewards on Our New
Mobile App

We believe in recognition that’s delivered in real-time. That’s why we’re excited to share our new mobile app, where employees can earn points and immediately redeem them for gifts they’ll love when they’re out and about. Employees can shop with points from their phones, and as an administrator, you can also check points movement and other redemption data & insights from your own device.

Build a better,
stronger work

When you recognize and reward your employees for their work, they’re happier and more productive. And when your team is functioning at their best, your business acts as a well-oiled machine. Goals are set and met, employees enjoy their work, and workplace morale keeps everything running smoothly.

Motivate them
with appreciation

Unsurprisingly, 80% of employees say they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work. When we reward our employees, we show we recognize the effort they put into their work. A reward lets them know we see their contribution, and want to thank them for it.

Reward behavior
for better results

It’s no coincidence that the world’s top brands rely on employee rewards programs to boost productivity and retain top talent. When a desired behavior is rewarded, it’s more likely to be repeated: it’s simple psychology. Offering employee rewards—ones they get to pick out themselves—gives them the two-fold gift of recognition and incentive.

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