Hoopla by Raydiant's Performance Management Platform

Track And Transform Your Workplace performance

What really motivates employees? That’s the question we asked ourselves when designing Hoopla by Raydiant’s all-in-one performance motivation and management platform. In a world where 64% of employees report feeling disengaged at work, what is the special sauce that transforms them into happy, productive workers? The Hoopla by Raydiant system achieves real-world results because we believe we’ve found the answer: gamification, recognition, and rewards.

How Hoopla by Raydiant transforms
the workplace

One company increased their pipeline volume by 850% using Hoopla by Raydiant

A company saw a 360% increase in sales system adoption when employees saw their and their peers’ performance tracked on Hoopla by Raydiant leaderboards

One Hoopla by Raydiant customer saw their average deal size increase by 42% after onboarding the platform

Another Hoopla by Raydiant customer experienced a 250% growth of their sales pipeline with Hoopla

Gamifying the workplace

The research is in: nearly 80% of employees say they are more motivated and feel more purpose-driven in their work when performance is gamified. Hoopla creates competitions between employees and teams that keep the mood light and morale up. Co-workers can band together in friendly competitions, forging the bonds strong teams are made of. As both team and individual “players” work to reach their goals, they (and their managers) can track their progress in real time on Hoopla by Raydiant’s live leaderboards.

Recognizing wins in real time

The number one reason employees quit? Lack of appreciation. Hoopla by Raydiant helps you recognize your employees by making every win a cause for celebration. Any time they reach a personal goal or KPI, or you simply wish to acknowledge them, they’ll see their name and photo on your office screens. Newsflash alerts also go out so all will know they’re being congratulated.

Why Choose Hoopla by Raydiant Performance Management Software?

Managing employee performance is so more just gold stars. It's about intentionally setting goals that stimulate growth and healthy competition while not being demotivating. It means managers work in partnership with their teams to help them make meaningful progress, learning and growing along the way. And it means companies create a culture of recognizing the wins, big and small, when employees reach their goals. And a performance management software can make creating, tracking and measuring team wins fun and easy.

Hoopla by Raydiant is an employee performance management platform that has evolved to meet the needs of today’s workplace. In-office, remote, and hybrid teams—we make it easy no matter your office environment. Track the employee metrics that matter in real time, stay on top of key performance indicators, and instantly praise workers who reach their goals (and all the important milestones along the way).

Offering rewards
as incentives

Rewards, you say? We’re not above giving out gifts for good work, and you shouldn’t be either—studies show monetary and other incentives really do boost performance! Our Rewards program gives you the tools you need to set up your very own, custom rewards program complete with points and real-world prizes.

Tracking performance

It’s not all fun and games. (Well, most of it is.) You’ll also want to track your workplace contests and see how they drive employee performance. Hoopla by Raydiant’s easy data integration does all of this for you, using your own data calculated from third-party sources. You get to choose the metrics and time frame you track, and watch as your Hoopla by Raydiant leaderboards show team and employee performance in real time.

Supercharge Your Team

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