Make Work Fun

Workplace gamification that drives performance

People love playing games – and they want to win. Foster this same sense of healthy competition in the workplace, and drive better performance, with gamified competitions. Hoopla by Raydiant contests turn your company goals and employee KPI’s into fun, friendly contests you can play with the whole company, in teams, or as individuals. Use live leaderboards to track performance, cheer players on, and “crown” winners with on-screen celebrations.

How gamification
affects performance

Gamified workplace tools increase employee motivation by 48%

79% of workers say workplace games makes them feel more purposeful

82% of employees report feeling happier at work with gamification

Workplace contests can increase productivity up to 50%

Contests & Challenges

Encourage healthy

Motivate your team and boost employee engagement with fun workplace competitions. One-on-one battles, team tournaments, company contests: play them all with Hoopla by Raydiant. In a world where employee disengagement is at an all-time high, show your employees that their work matters, and that their wins mean rewards and recognition.

Real time Leaderboard Rankings

performance live

Know at a glance how your employees and teams are doing at any given moment. Hoopla by Raydiant collects and calculates performance metrics from third-party sources and parlays them into a visual scoreboard. Set your office screens to display all your important metrics for the day, week, month, quarter, year, or a custom time frame. Watch your workers and teams progress to their goals, as your Hoopla by Raydiant screens show comparative rankings, display contest progress and results, and broadcast wins as they happen.


Get the
message out

Miss the latest scores? Hoopla by Raydiant integrates with messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams so you always know the play. Close a deal? Your employees will get a newsflash as soon as it’s done. Hit your quota for the month? Celebrate in the moment by sending a shout out directly to their desktop or smartphone.

Custom Rewards program

Recognize with Rewards

Check out our world class rewards program, customized with your branding,
prizes and a points system you control.

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