Create an Immersive Experience

An app marketplace with everything you need

Transform your workplace or customer-facing business into a multisensory experience. Today’s employees long for clearer communication and positive feedback from managers. And today’s customers want to be entertained, informed, and convinced when they walk through your doors. Why not onboard a multipurpose digital tool to help with both? Enter Raydiant’s large and ever-expanding app marketplace. 

All your favorite work tools in one place

Productivity tools, video conferencing, messaging platforms—Raydiant has all your favorites. Send a Slack message, work on Excel spreadsheets, upload your Salesforce data, and use all your favorite work technology. Raydiant’s app integrations let you access and manage it all from one central interface. Think of it like your very own command center.

Digital wayfinding and meeting aids

Communicate with employees and welcome visitors with Raydiant’s digital wayfinding signage. Use digital signs in your lobby, waiting room, and other common areas to direct visitors. Keep employees up to date on your meeting schedules with conference room signage. Speaking of meetings, make them more engaging by using Raydiant-enabled screens as your visual aids. (And just think how much time you’ll save not having to fix faulty tech and network issues!)

Entertainment to engage your customers

Retailers, restaurateurs, and other brick-and-mortar businesses: we have a full-service entertainment network for you! Attract customers and entertain them during their visit with Raydiant’s array of entertainment apps. Choose from custom background music and music videos, sports and entertainment, powerful video shorts, and more to increase dwell time, purchases, and repeat business. 

Social walls, posters, menus, and more

Your TV screens can be so much more, with Raydiant’s help! Create and display your very own custom social wall, make promos pop with digital posters, and ditch static menu boards for dynamic digital board with mouth-watering food photos. But that’s just the beginning. Find out all the ways you can turn your TVs into revenue-driving machines with Raydiant.

Supercharge Your Team

Get a demo of Hoopla by Raydiant and let us show you how you
can motivate your team to greater heights.