Employee Engagement

Want To Motivate Your Employees? Put A TV In The Office


Growing up, your parents may have had a few different names for the television (“idiot box” ring a bell?). Our guess is they never called it a “productivity booster.” But we’ve come a long way since Saturday morning cartoons and the 24-hour TV boom. In fact, it’s rare that you see classic TV channels played in public for more than sports or news. That’s because there are seemingly innumerable devices that can turn any flat-screen into a smart device–and employers are starting to catch onto the importance. You may think that putting a TV anywhere but (or even including) the break room is a bad idea. But you may be surprised to learn that it’s a serious trend among the best businesses out there. And here are a few reasons why a TV might just be the perfect solution for your office, too.  

It Unifies

Sure, TVs united families around a Sunday evening special or a presidential address way back in the day, but now we’ve got plenty of devices that can do that and more, right? Why would we need an antiquated piece of technology in the office? Well the truth is, the TV you’re now thinking about installing isn’t for “TV” per se. It’s to display a live TV broadcast of your team’s information throughout your sales floor. Whether you want to put up the latest leaderboard stack rankings, KPIs, or simply a big sales win, a live, big-screen dashboard makes that easier than ever. Highlighting some of the biggest brands using TV dashboards in their offices, Wired notes this:  

“At a time when team members are pulled apart by web distractions, work-from-home allowances and endlessly buzzing smartphones, these big office boards are a way to get everyone on the same page again.”

In short, it’s time to get your team off their devices, and looking out to their other team members. When you’ve got a central repository for all that need-to-know info, it keeps everyone on the same page.  

It Focuses

Do you think you’re the only sound your employees hear throughout the day? Whether it’s spam, clients, or just a random nudge online, there’s plenty of reasons for your sales staff to go off the rails with any given distraction. With a centralized TV channel of information, you’re able to communicate explicit priorities to everyone on the floor at once. Rather than everyone keeping (or ignoring) their own lists, you can have team goals displayed for everyone–and a leaderboard to keep them accountable to who’s really pumping out the best work.  

It Engages

And finally, a Company TV Channel can keep your employees heads out of the clouds. It’s far too easy these days for employees to disengage with work. Whether it’s a lack of clear goals, motivation, or an understanding of their job, disengaged employees are on the fast-track to unemployment. If you want to re-engage your employees, you don’t have to break the bank on some special program. It’s a matter of helping to give them direction, add a little friendly competition to their day, and motivate them with attainable goals. Believe it or not, a TV dashboard can help you do all three–and more.