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The Slack Integration You’ll Absolutely L.O.V.E


If loving our Slack Integration is wrong, we don’t want to be right…

Well it’s February, a short month chock-full of important celebrations like Black History Month, President’s Day, the Superbowl, Harry Styles’ birthday and of course…Valentine’s Day. Since we can’t seem to get away from reminders of love this month, it seems appropriate that we take the time to express our profound love for Slack and how we take our Slack relationship to the next level in Hoopla.


Inspired by the smooth stylings of Nat King Cole, let’s take a look at the different ways you too can L.O.V.E. Hoopla’s Slack integration:


L is for the way you look for patterns

Streaming, Quickfire, Metric, Slack, there is no disputing it, Newsflashes are really hot. Well, we have released a brand new way to trigger Newsflashes from Slack. With Slack Patterns, our Hoopla bot can track specific patterns within Slack to trigger a Newsflash. Once the Hoopla bot spots your defined pattern, presto change-o, you see a Newsflash fire on your TV displaying that Slack message. It’s 100% automated, which means less work for you! We use our bot to track anything from important milestones (like closing a deal) to PDA’s (like any time your team congratulates one another).


O is for the times you want to trigger a one-off Newsflash

For those of you who still want to be able to fire a Newsflash on the fly from Slack, our OG Slack Newsflash is still available. That means, anytime you type the “/hoopla” command on a defined Slack channel, that message will display on your TV as a Newsflash. This is helpful for things like “/hoopla All hands meetings starts in 5; don’t be late!” or “/hoopla Who’s the a**hole who left coffee grounds in the espresso machine???


V is the very, very cool way we unfurl links

With the original Slack Newsflash, you can even include a URL, and we will unfurl that link on your TV as a Newsflash. Say you want to share a funny meme or an article your company was mentioned in. All you have to do is include the URL after the /hoopla command and we will unfurl it, displaying an image and any relevant subheader text. Our marketing team likes to use this feature when announcing the latest blog posts or company mentions. Personally, I like to use it anytime my dog is featured on Buzzfeed…point being, there’s no limit to what you can unfurl!


E is even more ways to get your data into Hoopla

Hey remember that nifty Hoopla bot I mentioned earlier? It does more than just trigger Newsflashes; it can even update Metrics! Set up your Hoopla bot to track a pattern to update a Metric, and sit back and watch those numbers roll in. This is especially helpful if you are using other apps within Slack, like tracking the number of alerts coming in from New Relic or simply counting the number of tacos your team is giving out from Hey Taco.

It’s easy to see why we’re all ♥ for our Slack integration!