How productive we are correlates directly with how motivated we are. When you’re working on a project that doesn’t hold any urgency or direction, you start to feel sluggish and lose interest. Productivity starts to decrease, and projects seem to drag on. It makes sense why managers who engage their teams by tracking metrics that matter see better business outcomes.  

Automate processes where possible

Alcatel’s Dr. Christof Ebert discovered something crucial regarding the improvement of productivity and motivation: the more the “grunt work” was automated, the more productive — and motivated — the sales reps became. By defining productivity as “output being greater than input,” Dr. Ebert points out that in the modern, millennial-driven workplace, productivity is also directly influenced by feasibility. If the workers felt as though their work was quite easily — and naturally — done, and if they felt as though much of their work had meaning (thus necessitating the automation of “grunt work”), they would perform the task quickly and go on to the next task. Tracking metrics can also become grunt work in itself. An easy way to automate this is to connect your CRM to digital leaderboards. Stack ranking on leaderboards gives individuals and managers a quick glance of where they stand with their projects. By seeing where you stand in your project and the progress that you’ve made, you become more motivated to finish out your tasks. Not only that, a leaderboard creates the urgency necessary in fast-paced businesses to thrive and push forward.  

Publicly Share Metrics in Real Time

Visix recently conducted a study on the use of digital signage in the manufacturing sector, and they discovered that its usage improved productivity significantly. By allowing people in different departments to see one another’s work, and by providing real-time updates to KPIs, workers demonstrated to those at the corporate level that they were worth the initial investment. Furthermore, since workers from different departments saw what other departments did, they were able to utilize their resources more effectively.  

Benefits of Tracking Metrics

1. Keeps your employees engaged By providing real-time updates, your employees are able to stay engaged throughout the work day. Tracking metrics gives you the data your business needs to move forward. With metric data, you can analyze which tasks (as well as individuals) are performing best, and which ones need a little more work. For example, with your sales team, you’ll notice which sales prospecting activities are increasing the most sales. Say an increase in booked meetings translates to more closed deals. You can take this information and find out which activities lead to more booked meetings. When you start to understand the process of the sales funnel clearly, you get better business outcomes. 2. Motivates employees to keep their eye on the prize If your office provides incentives in the form of bonuses or fun trips, having digital signage will let your workers know who the company’s standouts are. You can help them track how close they are to bonuses and help them see how far they have to go. This form of advertisement lets them know their goals are achievable, and it assures them that you appreciate their efforts in keeping the company flowing. 3. Promotes a sense of company culture Tracking metrics increases engagement and urgency with your team. To take it to another level, use your metrics to create contests and challenges within the office. Many CRMs can be integrated with automated tracking systems, where you can create contests and get updates in real time. Automating an often tedious process, where weekly reports go unread in email inboxes, makes metrics fun and actually seen. 4. Gives your employees the recognition they deserve Finally, but certainly no less importantly, tracking metrics provide your employees with the real-time motivation that they crave and need. Employees often go about their days quietly when they finish a project, or perhaps hit a big milestone. It’s hard to stay motivated for your next task when you don’t feel appreciated. By tracking metrics in real time, you get the recognition you deserve the moment you meet your quotas. If your employees need motivation to do what it is they do best and find a reason to continue working even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, now is that time to invest in a process that works. Keeping them updated with their team’s success in real time is exactly the way to do it. By promoting a culture of celebration, you’re letting your employees know that their time is valuable and that they matter as individuals.