Employee Engagement

How to Engage and Motivate Remote Employees


Having remote employees is starting to become a regular part of the modern-day workforce. There are currently over 3.7 million employees working from home at least part of the time – and that number will only continue to grow. Even though your remote employees aren’t working in the office full-time, the way that they connect to your company can affect productivity. Less engaged workers tend to be less motivate; a huge liability to businesses everywhere. However, employees who feel engaged and connected with a company are much more likely to enjoy their jobs and work harder. Here are some tips for engaging and motivating remote employees.  

Automatic Activity Tracking

Self-reported data can often lead to inaccurate information logged. The best solution is to find software tools and apps that can integrate with what activities employees are doing and tracking their progress without any manual data entry. Some tools integrate with productivity apps for time tracking. That way, employees know that their work is being recorded and appreciated.  

Offer Frequent Feedback

Don’t let your remote employees drift off into an abyss! Employees prefer to receive immediate feedback on their work and appreciate a hands-on approach from management. It gives them a better picture of their overall performance level and their strengths and weaknesses so they can improve going forward. Using the right technology, you can set a standard of performance to help your team understand your goals and how they are comparing with other employees. Digital signage platforms that are integrated with your data sources and communication platforms instantly recognize which employees are performing well that day or week. Instant feedback is more effective than annual or quarterly evaluations. Employees can consistently improve the right behaviors and understand which activities drive the most progress. With quarterly and annual reviews, feedback for performance from a month or even half a year ago seems a bit too late. Behaviors may have already improved – or worse, dropped even lower. You want to be able to map the trends and metrics of your high performers and replicate that throughout your team.  

Interactive Content

Digital signage is also a great way to provide interactive content to help connect and engage remote employees. This means that employees at homes around the country as well as in your offices can view the same material on TV screens at the same time. The digital signage technology creates a sense of connectedness that will help remote workers feel part of a greater team, so they will work better with your in-office employees to hit their goals.  

Vision Sharing

Employees perform best when they feel like they have a clear idea of what a company’s vision and goals are. That means that senior leadership needs to consistently update employees on company strategy and successes. Digital signage makes it easy to quickly update remote teams on KPIs, OKRs, and share real-time updates about the company that can help keep employees engaged. Keeping remote employees in-touch and connected with your company’s Objectives and Key Results is an important aspect of meeting higher-level goals. It’s as easy as having as having a browser open that marquees through important announcements and goals from management. Using digital signage to keep OKRs top-of-mind throughout the company sets the whole team up for success.  

Encourage Instant Messaging

Your employees need to feel like they are in constant communication with senior staff and other employees in order to stay engaged. Slack channels are a great way to do this — that way, they can engage in group instant messaging instead of sending emails off and never knowing when they will get a response. Hoopla lets you send Slack messages to the TV with a simple command so that employees in many locations can view and respond at once. Companies today are using Hoopla to keep employees further engaged and motivated, even if they aren’t coming into the office every day. You can customize Hoopla around your company’s needs by creating custom channels and messaging to make sure your remote employees stay happy and productive. Keeping your remote employees engaged and motivated is, and will always be, the key to success for any business. When you start treating your remote employees the same as your in-house staff, you have a reinforced workforce to that’s better engaged, motivated, and equipped to boost productivity.