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Do Sales Motivation Games Work?


Sales Motivation Games, do they really work?

There’s no question that we humans are wired to be competitive. Long before even the days of the pantheon, mankind has always been creating new challenges, tackling new feats, and setting the bar just a little higher. 

OK, setting it insanely higher. 

And the truth is not all of us have the gusto to go out and do a solo trek across Antarctica. We don’t all wake up every day wanting to scale Everest. Sometimes, when you pile on the myriad challenges that our day to day lives already offer, rising to new challenges can seem a little… extra. 

But that doesn’t mean that that innate energy can’t be tapped. In fact, a quick googling will show you that we humans are constantly rising to challenges that we didn’t even know were possible for us achieve—just think of the baby in Russia who was able to hang on for 35 hours while rescue teams searched him out. 

Within each of us—within each member of your team—there’s a deeper desire to rise to the occasion. To face a new challenge head on, and absolutely crush it. Sometimes we just need someone to push us a little further. 

Maybe life isn’t always all fun and games, but then again maybe some of the secrets to success lie there anyway? 

Sales Gamification: Proof In The Numbers

Here at Hoopla we’ve done a number of case studies to see what sort of affect introducing gamification can have on a sales team’s production. One recent case study  found that when a company displayed key performance metrics on a “leaderboard,” allowing sales reps to see where their current output landed them against other employees, there was an 850% increase in pipeline volume, and a 360% increase in sales system adoption. 

Those numbers are huge.

It wasn’t about a company having a bad system that needed changing, or a product that couldn’t sell. In fact, the message should be simple: when you make goals tangible, and winning accessible, people raise their bars. 

And gamification accomplishes all of that. 

Finding Sales Motivation Games Your Team Will Actually Like

The beauty of having your own dynamic sales team is that everybody’s different. And while we might all have that sense of competitiveness tucked away within us somewhere, not everyone is going to readily access it in the same way. So it’s important that you don’t just start doing any random “sales game,” but instead find something that works for your team. 

Whether that’s creating a leaderboard like the company from the case study did, or even incentivizing sales sprints with a casual Friday or a half-day-off, start this next week off by A/B testing some new creative ideas. Ask your team what sort of situations ignite their competitive spirit—or better yet, start handing out accolades for top performers, and see who puts in a little extra effort the next time around. 

What you’ll find in all of it is that you have a group of competitors who are ready to surprise even themselves with just how much they can do.