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Can Digital Leaderboards Transform Your Sales Team?


If you haven’t heard the word, digital leaderboards are the new way to get your sales team pumped and motivated to sell. Anywhere you go, it seems like digital ads are taking over the walls and even crowding the freeway skies. It’s the norm to run into digital billboards and interactive kiosks at malls, airports, and along the 101 freeway through Silicon Valley (especially this freeway). It’s not surprising that many offices are making note of the trend as digital content reports a whopping 71% retention rate versus conventional billboard ads. Gamification and digital leaderboards are popping up more in offices that are aiming to enhance their sales team and use modern technology to improve performance.

While digital leaderboards may only seem to serve marketing initiatives, they take on a much bigger purpose for sales teams around the world. Through motivation and competition building, digital signage in the office can turn a lagging sales team into engaged and motivated superstars. Let’s look at some of the ways sales teams are using digital signage to boost conversion rates and grow revenue.

Integrate Digital Leaderboards and Gamification

The core of digital leaderboards in the sales environment is to create competition among the staff, and this success works partly because of the popularity of gamification. When done correctly, gamification can create a fun workplace culture while encouraging competition among sales members.

To take gamification one step further, companies can start to integrate digital leaderboards. This technology has the ability to:

  • Announce new sales as they happen
  • Celebrate top sales reps daily
  • Congratulate top performers in real time
  • Connect with social media to encourage engagement
  • Be displayed on a variety of display options around the office

Research from Forbes found that including gamification in the sales process allowed team members to develop good work habits and learn new problem-solving skills. This combination is a win-win for any sales leader.

Sales leaderboards also create a goal-oriented mindset within your team. While your team understands the quarterly sales goals, being able to see their sales prospecting activities grow in real time can become the ultimate motivator.

Increase the Bottom Line

The key factor about digital leaderboards that any sales leader will want to understand is how they will affect the bottom line. With digital leaderboards, sales members are constantly aware of each other’s performance. This awareness means activities like these often increase:

  • Sales calls and meetings made during the day
  • New LinkedIn and business connections
  • Record updates or follow up connections

These are the steps that make the needle move and contribute to healthy KPIs. Physically seeing the number of targets hit by your fellow reps leads to a desire to be at the top of the leaderboard and increase those actions needed to close the deal.

Use the Data Wisely

An up-to-date sales leaderboard gives company leaders a wealth of information to work with when improving the team. It’s important to create leaderboards that display information that’s important and centric to your team. For example, creating customized metrics like the ones below can help you gain more insight on the types of leads your team should focus on:

  • Repeat sales (add-ons) vs. new visitors
  • Conversion rates
  • Total sales made
  • Proposals generated

If one of your employees constantly ranks high for proposals generated, but another employee is a master at closing the deal, you should consider creating sales teams to ensure conversion rates remain high. Digital leaderboards are great for motivating the sales team on the floor, while upper management can wisely use the data generated to make changes that benefit the overall company.

Sales gamification and digital leaderboards are a great tactic to motivating sales teams and contributing to the year-end sales numbers. When digital leaderboards are implemented correctly, you can help bring the team together as you work toward a common goal.