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A Day in the Life of a Sales Rep Told Through 14 NBA Finals Gifs


The life of a sales rep is exciting, competitive and unpredictable. It takes the talent of some all-stars along with the support of true teamwork to book meetings and close deals. It’s only natural to tell the story of a day in the life of a sales rep through some 2015 NBA finals gifs (also with Riley Curry because she’s adorable). A good day goes something like this:

1. Walk into the office with your game face on like…

2. Send a bunch of emails and call prospects while trying to be genuine, approachable, a little adorable and completely irresistible….

3. Wait for responses to your clever emails and charismatic voicemails like…

4. Followed by long stretches of no responses, yawning and thinking about lunch….

5. You come back from lunch to find someone has responded and you silently thank the sales gods….

6. Call into a meeting you had booked with a prospect weeks back. 

With the help of your AE’s seasoned skills and your good vibes, you close the deal….

7. And it feels like this…


8. You remember being in sales is all about the rush of those wins….


9. Although it isn’t always easy and you may stumble a few times before you score….

10. Sales is also about teamwork; supporting each other…


11. And celebrating those wins….

12. After a great day of successful outreach and closed deals, you leave the office feeling like this…


13. Then the next day you suit up and prepare for whatever happens next…

14. Go get ’em!


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