6 Ways To Improve Employee Productivity With Automation


Good communication is the foundation of any successful business. When you’ve got a growing business, you very likely have a few growing pains in the process as well. Luckily, increasing productivity and streamlining workflows can be as simple as improving communication. From human resources to managers trying to keep track of employee projects, automated communication can keep tasks on schedule. You can send a visual announcement to your office TVs, a quick reminder via text message, or an email to remind an employee it’s time to sign up for benefits. When you automate the processes that take time out of both you and your employees’ days, the potential to improve productivity for your overall business is limitless.  

1. Make Deadlines Stick

When you have a project running that involves employees in different departments, setting up a virtual board for everyone to communicate can help keep everyone on task. Set up a calendar that streamlines when each milestone of the project is expected to be met, and keep everyone in the loop via text if a task is running behind.  

2. Waste No Time

It’s inevitable that your business is going to involve numerous meetings that require all hands on deck. A lot of time can be wasted when someone’s missing from the meeting. What happens next is rescheduling, reassembling, and hoping everyone will be there the next time around. How much time has been wasted so far? Let’s get this process automated. Next time you have a meeting, send out a quick text reminder, or even a can’t-be-missed announcement on your TVs to ensure everyone makes it to the meeting on time. If it just so happens that the meeting needs to be rescheduled, use this same process to alert the team about the cancellation. And there it goes, everyone continues with their work without interruption.  

3. Boost motivation

What gets measured gets done, right? So let’s automate this process to get even more done. Integrate your CRM with a leaderboard that shows your team exactly where they stand in their roadmap to success. When you keep metrics and goal progress top of mind, you’ll be surprised by the drive and motivation your team starts to show. So, now, you start noticing your team is killing it in every aspect. Remember to set aside time to reward your employees for their performance. Use an automated calendar to alert management that an overall review of progress is due, and that celebrations are in order. Don’t let your employees’ efforts go unnoticed and unpraised. When you hold both parties accountable, employees earn respect from management and vice versa.  

4. Reduce Miscommunication

How many times can you count on your fingers for when a project was miscommunicated? You’re probably counting your toes now. Lots of time can be saved with the right processes, especially when it doesn’t rely on someone’s memory to carry out the task. When communication is automated, there is less room for human error. Let’s take new employee onboarding for example. There are certain tasks that need to get done so that an employee can begin their role. When automated text and email alerts are sent to employees as tasks are completed, this makes the onboarding process go a lot more smoothly.  

5. Empower Your Team

Remember – communication is a two-way street. When you have an open communication network in place, your employees will feel empowered to ask questions freely without pause. By having a more informal way to communicate with management, employees are more likely to fully understand what’s expected and complete a project free of any mishaps.  

6. Get Your Messages Read

TVs and display monitors are a great way to capture attention. It’s why the saying “eyes glued to the TV” exists. On our day-to-day, we’re constantly bombarded with emails irrelevant to us and memos overflowing our message boards. Important messages go unread, or simply just not read in time. Understandable – getting through that inbox by the end of the day can be a daunting task all in itself. Get everyone on the same page using visual communication in common areas like your lobby and main workspaces. Showcase accomplishments, make announcements, or share motivational quotes on your TVs and displays. When employee productivity seems to be staggering, it’s time to consider how you can implement automated technology into your business. Take advantage of existing technology and create a solid foundation for communication between your employees, while providing an open environment for your employees to connect with each other and your company. For more information on how automated communication software can improve employee communication, click here. Author Biography: Ken Rhie is the CEO of Trumpia, which earned a reputation as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, advanced automation, enterprise, and cross-channel features for both mass texting and landline texting use cases. Mr. Rhie holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. He has over 30 years of experience in the software, Internet, and mobile communications industries.