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6 Ways Sales Tracking Software Can Be Fun


Sales tracking software may have the reputation for being all business, but the right software can be fun and engaging for businesses to use. Here are some ways you can ramp up the fun factor with sales tracking software.

1. Make it a team-wide competition.

When salespeople compete, they are more engaged, making it a game instead of a set of dry figures or a daunting quota to reach. Friendly competition can include many levels of fun, such as the following:

Level 1: Loser buys coffee
Level 2: Tickets to the Warriors game
Level 3: A Blueboard prize (from skydiving to diving with sharks)

Salespeople can also compete against themselves, trying to beat a personal best or improve their numbers, especially when they have easy access to them through a display like Hoopla’s.

2. Go head-to-head.

Do you and your colleague constantly come up with the same numbers for dials each week? With Hoopla, you can create a Face-off challenge to see who the real Dial King or Queen is. Hoopla can track all kinds of other KPI data as well, so you can redeem yourself when the dial numbers don’t go your way. Face-offs and other forms of friendly competition can motivate a sales team like nothing else can.

3. Display progress in real time.

With real-time updates, reps are motivated to improve performance as they fulfill each milestone to reach their quotas. Recognizing reps for their performance along the way, rather than waiting for the closed deal, celebrates and drives employees. Recognition builds happier and more engaged employees.

Hoopla shows sales numbers and all kinds of relevant metrics in real time with quality graphics and presentation to keep the entire sales team engaged and updated about the status of sales campaigns and whether goals are being met. With Hoopla, managers can also use video to keep the team upbeat and hold their attention as well as recognize standout reps in front of the team.


4. Create Fantasy Sales Teams.

Just like a fantasy football league, you can choose players (sales team members) to form teams that compete. But sales tracking software has more capabilities than just telling you how many sales the team makes. Points can be awarded for all sorts of metrics, including dials per day, calls per week, qualified meetings booked per week, and calls-to-deals rates.

Even “no’s” can be tracked (each no brings you closer to a yes), as well as lead generation and, of course, actual sales. The fantasy sales team that wins the competition could be rewarded with an after-hours football viewing party or with matching team shirts to commemorate their victory.

5. Make yourself the reward.

Many different kinds of rewards motivate salespeople, but one unique reward could be a few hours of your (a member of management’s) time given to the winning salesperson or team. Not only does this reward not cost you anything but some time, but it also shows team spirit and that you are willing to get in the trenches with your team and work as hard as you expect them to.

What can be more fun in the workplace than being able to assign grunt work to your boss for a few hours? And who knows, you might even be able to show them how it’s done and inspire the team to greater heights.

6. Change the presentation frequently and creatively.

Hoopla enables a constantly variable and engaging presentation. The graphics, video presentations, and type of contest can be changed as often as needed or when you sense the Channel needs refreshing. Motivational quotes, montage videos of Rocky and other champions, or your company’s latest commercial are ideas that might break up the monotony of numbers. Check out our blogs for inspiration and keep your team pumped throughout the year.

Download the Startup Guide to Building the Best Sales Team for more information about Hoopla and what it can do for your business.