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5 Ways to Display Hoopla on the Big Screen


Hoopla TV is a web application optimized for the Chrome browser, giving it a number of possibilities for casting. Our customers display Hoopla TV on thousands of screens in hundreds of offices around the world to keep employees informed and motivated, while optimizing performance. We are often asked about the best ways to broadcast these channels onto TVs, so we’ve come up with the top 6 ways to display Hoopla on the big screen.  

1. Chromebox – $194.99

If you want to broadcast Hoopla TV on a Chromebox your device must have at least 4GB of RAM to run properly. The HooplaTV app can be found in the Chrome app store; you must access the app store through the Chromebox device to see the HooplaTV app listing.  


2. Dedicated Computer – Starting at $259

Since Hoopla TV is optimized for the Google Chrome browser, a mini computer can get you up and running in no time. Any computer with 4GB of RAM and a 64-bit operating system supported by Chrome can display Hoopla TV channels in full HD. Simply connect the computer to the Internet then connect it to a monitor with an HDMI cable for optimal performance. Here are some options:  



3. HDMI Cable – $12.99

No mini computer, no problem – easily turn that extra computer you have in the storage room into your Hoopla broadcaster. Run a long HDMI cable in the wall to the computer hidden in a cabinet or behind some furniture for a seamless connection.


4. HDMI over Network Cable – $89.95

Got pre-installed network cables in the walls nearby your displays? Run video and audio signal over that wiring using simple converters at each end. This allows you to connect a remote computer to a monitor in the next room using inexpensive wiring. Here is one good option.  


5. ZeeVee Box- $4695

If you want to run multiple Hoopla TV channels on an unlimited number of screens over long distances from a central location, the ZeeVee box is a great solution. With one ZeeVee box, you can run up to 4 centrally-controlled inputs on TV screens all over the office using inexpensive coax cabling (like the cabling in your house). Each TV can be tuned to one of the 4 channels at any time. This is also a great option when security is a concern since the computers running Hoopla TV can be locked in a server room. We use the ZeeVee box here at the Hoopla office. With a seamless connection, we run 2 computers with unique Hoopla TV Channels and 2 Comcast cable boxes tuned to ESPN and CNN. Using just one TV remote, we can tune any one of our TVs to one of these channels.  

Check out our FAQ page for more information about broadcasting your Hoopla TV channels or leave a message with our team on LiveChat at the bottom right of the page.