Gamification Motivation

5 Ways Sales Gamification Increases Morale


Building a highly motivated sales team is key in laying the foundation for success within your company. Gamification is a motivation technique that is growing rapidly — M2 research predicts that the gamification market will reach $2.8 billion in direct spending by the end of 2016.

Gamification rewards and motivates sales teams by utilizing recognition and throwing in a dose of fun. Here are five ways you can use it to increase morale among sales representatives.

1. Organize and Structure Goals

Simply meeting for 30 minutes each week to discuss goals with your sales team is not enough. Streaming real-time data of your team’s progress helps employees stay focused on their goals while aligning them with your organizational tactics at hand.

To best maximize the effects, create different categories of goals for different groups, products, and clients. For the best results, promote public recognition on TVs for all teams to see.

2. Promote Personal Advancement

More than pitting employees against each other, sales gamification works to promote personal advancement. Each team member should have their own personal dashboard that allows them to go head-to-head against their own past performance.

Turning personal advancement into a game allows employees to essentially “beat” their top scores, which leads to a team of top performers determined to better themselves and the company.

3. Increase Engagement Through Visual Stimulation

Human brains are wired to respond better to visual material. In fact, if you simply hear a piece of information, you will only remember about 10 percent of what was said. However, if you add a picture to that information, recall goes up to 65 percent.

Gamification provides a visual platform in which easy-to-read graphics provide personal insight into peak performance and statistics. By turning these graphs into a game-like dashboard, you are visually stimulating your employees and therefore increasing their engagement.

4. Provide Real-Time Feedback

Allowing salespeople to constantly see where they stand in rankings and goals allows them to more effectively manage their time as well as engage in a healthy amount of friendly competition among their peers.

One study asked more than 200,000 employees, “What motivates you to excel and go the extra mile at our organization?” They responded that camaraderie, peer motivation, an intrinsic desire to do a good job, and feeling encouraged and recognized were their top motivators.

What’s a better motivation technique than broadcasting accomplishments and achievements over digital signage for the entire office to see? Real-time feedback through gamification displayed on easily accessible digital signage throughout the office touches on all of these motivators, leading to happier, more engaged sales teams.

5. Contests and Competition

Contests incite a healthy dose of competitiveness among sales teams. For a greater impact, create teams that pair top-performing employees with lower performing ones so everyone stays motivated and learns.

Contest standings can be sent to each member of the sales team at the closing of every day, with digital rewards and badges for the day’s leaders. Utilize digital signage to display a constant leaderboard of contest leaders in real time.

Be sure not to overdo contests, or your employees can become tired. You can also create smaller, easier competitions to increase engagement from sales reps who may be struggling to perform. For example, offer a digital reward for the employee who can write the best cold call opening line.

Motivating Starts With Learning

However you decide to utilize gamification, the key to successful sales gamification and digital signage campaign is understanding how and when to apply each type of motivator. This means that you have to continually learn and experiment with your sales team to see what works best for them.