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5 Reasons Why Digital Signage is the New Workplace Motivator


Digital signage is quickly becoming a new staple of any workplace. You see billboards opting to digital displays, malls with digital ads at every corner, and even flat screen TVs in the office – for good reason, too. Digital signage is customizable, communicative, and most importantly, engaging.

More than just a menu board, it’s surprising some workplaces are still slow to warm to the use of digital signage. It may be that managers and execs are not seeing the benefits of digital signage in the workplace. With 400% more views than static displays, the potential to optimize engagement and promote motivation in the workplace is endless with digital signage.

It’s clear that digital signage, in or out of the workplace, has an impact on behavior. People are more prone to take in visuals than verbal messaging, making digital signage a key process in selling points. Whether the selling point you want to achieve is to win customer relations at your office or create a sense of urgency in your sales team with real-time KPI updates, digital signage can help you get there.


Communicating in the Workplace with Digital Signage


Companies that use digital signage can send powerful messages to their employees on a daily basis. There are many different ways digital signage can be used.


1. Motivate your teams


Customer feedback on social media, via email or even letters can be shown on digital signage to show the impact of your product or service on customers. When your Customer Success reps and Sales reps see the results they’re bringing to the table, they find a higher meaning to their tasks and creates better engagement.


2. Share a GIF


Every now and then, you’ll get a funny gif or meme that seriously defines your current mood, or gets you out of your funk at your desk. With digital signage, you can share the fun with the whole office and help get everyone’s creative juices going again.


3. What’s for lunch?


Polling sites can be used to show which trainings, events, and incentives employees prefer most, including live poll results in some cases. Here at Hoopla, we have a dilemma every day that poll results help us resolve – #WFLT (What’s for lunch today). Share the results with your team and never face a challenge alone again.


4. Get the recognition you deserve


Employee recognition for top performance and other achievements like employee anniversaries can be displayed on digital signage for an “attaboy” that everyone in the company can see. According to a McKinsey Quarterly survey, attention and praise from managers can be just as motivating as a financial incentive.


5. Create a sense of urgency


Sales numbers, competitions, and leaderboards can be displayed to draw employees into the competition and motivate top-notch performance. When reps see their names rise up the rankings of the leaderboard, they’re more amped up to increase sales activities to reach their goal as #1.


Hoopla’s Visual Communication Platform pulls data from various places and broadcasts it with high impact graphics, photos and video. The platform can be viewed through TV, Mobile and the Web to engage off-site employees as well as those on-site.

Digital signage can be used in the break room as well as on the sales floor, but with different potential impact. Larger displays may make a bigger splash, but mobile accessibility for remote workers can be just as important as a huge screen in the main office building.

Because digital signage is made visible and public, using it for recognition can help a company prove that they value employees and take their well-being seriously. Digital signage can even help employees feel more connected to their employer and management team when it is used to build up employees and recognize the good things they are doing.

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