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3 Ways to Optimize Slack with Hoopla


With more than 1.25 million users, I’m guessing you’re a Slack user – and a Slack fan at that. The simple and delightful messaging app has taken the workplace by the storm and changing communication for the better. With features like @mentioning and channels for different teams, Slack turns communicating with peers into a quick real-time message with minimal effort. Similar to Slack’s values, Hoopla understands the importance of keeping teams connected and up-to-date on matters from company announcements to what’s for lunch. “How?” you ask. Introducing – the Slack app for Hoopla, working together to help you build better communication channels.

With an ever-growing inbox of emails and voicemail messages, it’s difficult to stay on top of things like important announcements or company-wide memos. Hoopla’s here to help you take office communication to the next level. We’re sharing with you the top 3 ways we use the Slack integration internally and how you can use these tips to optimize Slack for your office.


1. Give Accolades Where Deserved


We’ve all heard the saying, “There is no ‘i’ in team.” As far as spelling goes, it’s very accurate. But with every goal we achieve, we often achieve with a team effort. When our AEs are closing deals left and right, they never fail to thank the CSMs for helping them out with demos. When our CSMs are praised by customers for helping them demo amazing features, they never fail to thank our product managers and engineers for developing the intricate functionalities. Sometimes a quick “thank you” is enough, but when you’re looking for a more grand gesture, Slack the message to the big screen.



2. Start a Lunch Train


Ah, that mid-day munch time before the half-day crunch time. It’s the best time of the day – it’s lunch time. Here at Hoopla, we take lunch very seriously. We eat every day – on the dot – with conviction. The problem is, we have a hard time deciding what to eat and alerting the whole crew.

An easy way to resolve this dilemma is to start a lunch train.

Step 1

    • – Start a /lunchtrain on a team or public Slack channel close to lunchtime

Step 2

    • – Give your team some time to hop on

Step 3

    – Alert the troops with a Slack message to Hoopla TV: “The lunch train is leaving!”


Without fail, Monday through Friday, we roll deep with our lunch crew.


3. Announce a Company Update


There’s always a few stragglers that come into the conference room a little late. It’s not that they don’t value your time or care for the updates – people get swamped with tasks and lose track of what’s on their calendars. Even with pop-up alerts from Google calendar, open windows and applications get lost in the mix.

When we have an all-hands meeting at Hoopla, we announce it on the big screen 5-10 minutes before it starts. That way, everyone has enough time to finish up what they’re doing and get to where they need.

This feature is especially useful for those working in large offices where face time with other teams is scarce and communicating across a building is tough. With TVs at every corner and every office, everyone sees the announcement and gets to the meeting on time.

All of these and more are as easy as typing the announcement into Slack. (Learn more about how Hoopla’s Slack Integration works.)



Excited to see Hoopla’s Slack integration in action for your own office? Start a free trial today and create better channels of communication for your teams.