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10 Hacks For Building a Startup Sales Team


Building a productive, motivated, and successful sales team from the ground up takes a good deal of time, knowledge and best practices. Whether you are a beginning stage startup looking to make your first few sales hires or a later stage startup looking to scale your team, we have put together an Ebook to help make your job a little easier. Below is an excerpt:

10 Hacks For Building a Startup Sales Team

1. Hire with the team in mind – imagine a crew team, everyone matters and everyone helps to pull the boat along.

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2. Create an environment where everyone is learning from each other and excited to pay it forward to the next new hire.

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3. Be sure to hire people who intentionally fit well into your company culture.

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4. Look for candidates who are self-starters, charismatic, willing to learn and unafraid of failure.

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5. Don’t skip the in-person interview; it is important to see if someone is truly a great fit.

6. Make sure a candidate’s career goals are in line with your company’s goals. It is okay to pass on someone who has too much experience and may not have anything to learn from your company.

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7. Gauge how well your candidate prepared for the interview, it is indicative of how they will prepare for important calls or meetings in the future.

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8. Find out how the candidate feels others perceive him or her, it speaks a lot to their character, integrity and teamwork abilities.

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9. Make sure to create a clear career path within your sales organization. When your company is known for promoting from within it becomes more attractive to quality candidates. Your best pool of sales talent lies with your own reps.

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10. If you create a culture of learning, progress, motivation, encouragement, integrity and energy the rest will speak for itself. Being a great place to work is the best way to start.

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Read the full Ebook:

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Download our Ebook: The Startup Guide to Building The Best Sales Team 

Meet The Author

Mike Andersen

Mike Andersen, our vice president of sales here at Hoopla Software, has over 15 years of experience managing and scaling inside sales teams. He has hired over 500 people over his career, and previously grew a team of 8 people to 70 at Aerohive in 3 years, while also growing inside revenue from $3M to $50M to drive the company to a successful IPO. In this eBook he shares tips and tricks based on what he has learned over the years to help you build the best sales team imaginable.