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Hoopla livens your workspace by broadcasting your team's success across TVs in your office and leveraging gamification. Live Newsflashes highlight key wins as they happen, celebrating your reps with the recognition they deserve.


Ryan just closed a deal and his company uses Hoopla to recognize and celebrate great performance.

Step 1

Ryan simply enters the information on his new deal into Salesforce.

Step 2

He immediately receives an email and notification on his phone inviting him to personalize his newsflash.

Step 3

Ryan uploads a photo, gif, or takes a selfie and writes a note thanking those who helped him.

Step 4

The personalized newsflash along with a virtual sales gong and Ryan's theme song is broadcasted on TVs all over the company.

Step 5

His managers and teammates receive a notification on their phones and Ryan's performance is celebrated.

Let us show you how Hoopla can supercharge your culture.