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Why Gamification Generated So Much Buzz at Dreamforce 2012

why gamification generated so much buzz at dreamforce 2012You can’t ignore the rise of gamification. Deloitte estimated that in two years, 70 percent of Global 2000 businesses will be managing at least one gamified application or system. Forbes declared that it has come of age, thanks in part to the rise in mobile and Internet technologies that create new opportunities for engagement. Gamification is quickly gaining traction by designing processes and systems that tap into human nature – our desire to seek rewards, play games, and compete – offering businesses a fun way to engage employees and customers.

Nowhere was the growth of gamification more evident than Dreamforce 2012, which featured 20 sessions dedicated to game mechanics, up from zero just a year ago. Here I am on the floor of the show explaining why so many organizations are interested in gamification and how it has already generated results for two Hoopla.net clients. Take a look:

Trends In Gamification – Dreamforce 2012 from Hoopla Software on Vimeo.