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Hoopla for Sports Teams

Let us show you how Hoopla can help your team.

There is nothing like attending a live sporting event. The energy and passion of thousands of fans as the home team takes the field can only be experienced in the stadium. Bringing that same passion to your sales floor is critical to maximize performance. Hoopla TV makes your salespeople feel like athletes as the competition heats up and their performance is broadcast on the big screen.

Motivate Your Ticket Sales Teams

Athletes and salespeople are motivated by the same things. Competition, winning, and seeing their name in lights. Motivate your salespeople by broadcasting their activity metrics and progress. Show their ranking on public leaderboards. Celebrate their wins with a virtual sales gong complete with their custom video and walk up song.

Make Your Sales Floor Feel Like the Playing Field

Competition changes behaviors. Salespeople thrive on competition as long as it is fair and they have the tools to succeed. With Hoopla, you can infuse friendly competition with leaderboards, custom point calculations, and the ability for your reps to challenge each other head to head.

Pump up the Volume

A quiet, low energy sales floor does not produce the best results. Broadcast your team’s latest highlight reels, motivational quotes, and the latest team news. Celebrate with sales gongs, breaking news alerts, and custom walk up songs to create a high energy and high-performance sales culture.