Drive more sales with the right motivation

Tools for Sales Teams

What keeps sales teams hyped and motivated to give their best? It’s no secret. Business experts point to three top motivators: clear goals, a cohesive team, and a culture of recognition. Hoopla by Raydiant was designed to build all three.

The challenges
sales teams face

More than 70% of sales directors say poor communication negatively affects their teams’ sales performance

34.7% is the annual turnover rate for sales professionals

90.4% of sales leaders using gamification with their teams saw positive results with motivation and other performance drivers

Employees that receive regular recognition are 8x more engaged at work, and less likely to leave

High-performing teams get 6x more positive feedback than lower-functioning teams

Companies with rewards programs report a 79% success rate in meeting business goals

Challenge them

Stoke your sales teams’ competitive spirit by turning goals into fun competitions. Hoopla by Raydiant gamifies goal setting, pitting employees in head-to-head battles and team challenges. The metrics you use for the games are your own, and can be anything from meeting quarterly quotas to who can make the most sales calls per week. See top performers emerge while others compete against them, or with their own past best. With Hoopla by Raydiant, you’re building teams that work and play together.

Recognize them

Everyone needs to feel seen and valued. This is especially true with salespeople, who face rejection multiple times a day. To boost morale and productivity, you need to recognize your employees immediately and consistently. Hoopla by Raydiant helps you do this in the exact moment they need it—with live leaderboards that track their performance and congratulate them the second they meet a goal.

Reward them

Reward your salespeople and teams to let them know you see their hard work. Rewards are effective motivators because they are tangible proof of appreciation. When employees feel valued, they feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. These positive feelings drive productivity and create a high-performance work culture. Hoopla by Raydiant’s Rewards program works on a points system that offers real-life prizes customized to your employees. 

Supercharge Your Team

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