With Hoopla by Raydiant, no one’s an island

Tools for Remote Teams

Remote workers need our support. More than half of them say they don’t feel part of a team at work. But this isn’t just a morale problem, it’s a business problem. You need a strong, connected team to tackle day-to-day challenges and grow your business. As a fully remote or hybrid team, what can you do? With Hoopla by Raydiant, it turns out, a lot.

The challenges of
remote working

54% of remote workers feel disconnected from their company

60% of remote workers report feelings of loneliness

Lack of or poor communication is one of the three top challenges of remote working

Almost 49% of remote employees say their company isn’t clear on work expectations

A disengaged employee costs a company around 34% of their annual salary

Invite them to play

Hoopla by Raydiant competitions were designed to bring employees together, no matter where they’re located, with challenging one-on-one, team, and company competitions. Challenge remote workers by creating KPIs and goals to work towards. Include them in your team with competitions that make them work together to succeed. Motivate them with wins that instantly and publicly recognize their contributions.

Acknowledge their part in your wins

Include remote employees in your virtual celebrations! Newsflashes are real-time alerts that let your team know when you’ve closed a big deal, met a sales quota, or any other cause for celebration. These alerts are automatically pushed to employee screens the moment a Hoopla by Raydiant goal is met, or milestone achieved. What better way to say “You’re an important part of the team” than with an in-the-moment acknowledgement of their hard work?

Keep them
in the loop

Got an important announcement, reminder, or news to share? Hoopla by Raydiant makes it easy to keep everyone in the know, whether they’re in the next office or across the world. You can simultaneously share messages on your in-office screens, via email, through Slack or MS Teams messages, or as smartphone alerts. No matter the message—a new hire announcement, shout out to a hard-working employee, or important company news—Hoopla by Raydiant makes sure everyone gets it instantly.

Supercharge Your Team

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