Hoopla for Corporate Communications

With Hoopla TV, you can push information directly to your team in real time, ensuring that everyone stays on top of important news and no announcement gets lost in an inbox.

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Is your office getting the information it needs?

Traditional forms of internal communication are becoming obsolete, as inboxes overflow and company intranets go unchecked. Your employees are inundated with information from multiple sources, leaving them overwhelmed and causing them to miss important announcements. With Hoopla, you can relieve this fatigue and be sure your announcements are seen through
broadcasts on TV.

Make the office buzz with excitement

Share important slide decks, broadcast urgent announcements, and stay current on the latest office trends all in one place.

Drive company culture

Hoopla lets you define company culture and stay up-to-date with every aspect of your company. You can even create different channels for each department's needs.

Engage your entire team

Hoopla can help your employees stay in touch with the performance & health of every department, while building an engaging workspace to maintain happy and productive employees.

Popular ways to use Hoopla for Corporate Communication

Celebrate a team member's promotion or anniversary
Show your company's latest fundraiser progress
Fire Newsflashes to announce a team lunch or the start of a happy hour!
Rally the troops right before an important all-hands meeting
Count down to the next big company event
Welcome new employees or a special guest
Give a shout-out to one of your team members or group, thanking them for all their hard work
Communicate important deadlines and announcements on-the-fly
Display your latest Glassdoor rating

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Before, the rest of the organization didn’t have visibility into what everyone was doing. With Hoopla, we have that visibility.
Nick Boeka
Senior Manager at Glassdoor