Employee Engagement

Taking employees from meh to motivated

We’re in an epidemic of disengagement. Employees are feeling less engaged at work than ever before. As a result, productivity is lower, morale is lagging, and we risk losing workers at a rapid page. The difference between workplaces that remain status quo and those that bring the energy back to the office? A mix of fun, rewards, and connections.

Why we need to engage
our employees now

64% of US employees report feeling disengaged at work

Disengaged workers cost the US economy up to $550 billion per year

One disengaged employee loses a company about $3,400-worth of productivity for every $10,000 in salary

Effective internal communication motivates 85% of employees to become more engaged at work

Gamified workplace activities increase employee motivation by 48%

Recognition and rewards are among the top factors that keep employees at their current jobs

Gamifying the workplace

Why do people love games? They’re fun, they let you flex your competitive muscles, and they help you connect with others in a collaborative setting. Hoopla by Raydiant competitions work the same way. Choose your players (company-wide, team by team, or one-on-one) and your finishing line (the metrics and goal you’re tracking). We provide the rest, including live leaderboards to track performance and fun GIFs, music, and videos that make victory that much sweeter.

Recognitionis the key to Engagement

Recognizing your teams and showing appreciation for their contributions is the #1 way to increase employee engagement. With Hoopla by Raydiant there are many ways to accomplish this. Automated newsflashes publicly recognize performance as it happens on TVs, in Slack, Microsoft Teams and through email. And with our world class rewards platform you can give spendable points for achieving goals and reinforcing company values. 


Creating a cohesive company culture

Teamwork isn’t instant—it must be developed. Today, most employees work on their own or in small teams, rarely venturing out of their bubble. Hoopla by Raydiant works as the office icebreaker, connecting people through friendly competitions and creating the strong, cohesive workplace needed to meet any business challenge.

How the employee experience affects the customer experience

Did you know that there’s a real ROI for employee happiness? Turns out the happier your employees are, the more customers and repeat business you’ll attract. Download our free guide “How the Employee Experience Can Make or Break the Customer Experience” to get all the facts.

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