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Employee Communication

They’ve spoken and we’ve listened: Employees want more transparency from their managers and leaders. And remote workers don’t feel part of the team because of poor communication. It’s clear that we need to re-think how we connect with our employees. Luckily, we’ve done the rethinking for you—and came up with some excellent solutions. 

Why workplace
communication matters

72% of employees say they’d be more productive with regular feedback from managers

Teams who communicate regularly increase productivity by as much as 25%

28% of employees blame poor communication for missed work deadlines

One study found that miscommunication costs large companies an average of $62.4 million per year; $420,000 for smaller companies

At-a-glance signage they can’t ignore

Emails may go ignored, but what about the eye-catching signs employees walk by every day? As a part of the #1 Digital Signage Company, Hoopla by Raydiant helps you turn your office screens into dynamic signage they can’t ignore. High-impact images, videos, and other attention-getting screen content keep your message center stage for important company announcements, news, reminders, and more.

Leaderboards for instant progress reports

Are your employees craving feedback? Give it to them in real time with Hoopla’s live leaderboards! Hoopla by Raydiant’s seamless data integration takes your company data and turns it into custom leaderboards for workplace competitions. They’ll always know when they’re close to their goal, and when they need to step things up. (And Hoopla by Raydiant even helps you congratulate them when they round that last bend!)

Live alerts that let you celebrate anywhere

Some of your workers feeling left out? Keep them in the loop—and as things happen!—with Newsflash alerts. Whether they’re working in the office or across the globe, they’ll get real-time alerts on their desktop or smartphone. Anytime there’s a big win to celebrate, an important announcement, or a time-critical event, a Newsflash will get the word out.

Messaging that keeps everyone in the loop

Make sure all your employees know they’re part of your biggest moments. Hoopla by Raydiant seamlessly integrates with the most popular messaging platforms out there, like Slack and Microsoft Teams, so you can share your wins with them as they happen.

Create the ultimate
employee experience

Improving communication is just one of the crucial steps for creating a happier, more productive work force. Download our free guide “How to Create the Ultimate Employee Experience” for more actionable tips.

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