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Tools for
Success Teams

We want our customers to be happy. But since our customer experience hinges on our employee experience, we must do double duty. Our Customer Success Teams are tasked with creating a smooth, seamless customer experience. But what about theirs? Common issues include lack of communication, inadequate training, and high burnout rates. Sound like doom and gloom? With Hoopla, it’s a piece of cake.

The challenges customer
success teams face

37% of companies don’t have a clearly defined Customer Success strategy

60% of customer service reps report not having the right tools or technology to handle complex problems

40% of Customer Service teams report a turnover rate between 11%-25%

Beat burnout with fun competitions

Customer service reps are at high risk for burnout. Help them cope, and have a bit of fun, by turning their work into a game. With Hoopla by Raydiant competitions, they get to compete with co-workers, individually or in teams, to bring some lightheartedness to a high-pressure environment. And when they win or reach their goal, they get an on-screen shoutout and a little incentive through our Rewards Program.

Provide the data
they need to

Not having access to the information they need to do their job is a common complaint for Customer Success employees. Hoopla by Raydiant’s CRM integrations bring key, real-time metrics to your office screens, keeping everyone on the same page. Easily sync your Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics and other CRM software to the Hoopla by Raydiant system. Then use your data to create goal-based Hoopla by Raydiant competitions personalized to your company, teams, or individual employees.

Turn mundane information into celebrations

Success requires hard work and repetition. Your Customer Service employees, who perform the same tasks multiple times a day, know this. Shake things up with Hoopla’s messaging integration. Simply sync your Slack and Microsoft Teams channels with Hoopla by Raydiant, and you and your team can stay informed and updated with encouraging and celebratory messages automatically.

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