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Transform Your Culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

-Peter Drucker 

Hoopla is a catalyst for culture change in any organization that is looking to engage, align and motivate employees company-wide. Transform your culture by leveraging the platform for transparency: let everyone know where all employees stand on a daily basis, tracking company news, social media, and customer feedback, then broadcasting that data throughout the organization.

Transparency of Goals and Metrics

Leverage Hoopla's transparency to foster a high performance culture. Show exactly where sales reps stand with leaderboards. When a goal is hit, celebrate with a newsflash. With Hoopla, every win, achievement and stat is available for all to see.

Social Media Tracking

Show Tweets from your corporate account, Tweets that mention you or a specific hashtag, or Tweets that mention your most important clients. The Twitter Step is a great way to stay engaged with industry topics and clients, and showcase your Marketing team's latest Tweets.

Let us show you how Hoopla can help your team.

Voice of the Customer

Leverage Hoopla to transform your culture to be customer-centric. Hoopla puts the customer first, by giving you the ability to showcase customer feedback, customer quotes and photos.


Deliver the news you want your teams to see, just like the pros on TV. Splash company announcements across the organization. Bring the energy of broadcast television to your office with ticker feeds of any RSS or Twitter feed scrolling along the bottom of your important stats and contests.