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Hoopla For Sales

Looking for an easy-to-use sales motivation tool?

As a sales leader, your time is spread across hundreds of responsibilities. It can be hard to provide hands-on coaching and motivation for your sales team. Hoopla offloads part of that by displaying leaderboards on TVs in your office, holding your reps accountable for metrics that you deem important.

Inspire focus and alignment

Broadcast your sales goals to keep your team aligned and increase performance where it matters most.

Keep sales KPIs top-of-mind

Pull the key business data that’s buried in your CRM and bring it to light on the big screen.

Build an engaging culture

Celebrating booked deals – big or small – builds a motivating culture that keeps your team engaged.

Let us show you how Hoopla can help your team.

Popular ways to use Hoopla for Sales

Recognize your top 10 reps on a Leaderboard

Celebrate new deals as they're closed

Display a list of the biggest deals in the pipeline

Fire Newsflashes when a reps hits their quota

Promote teamwork by displaying the sales team's progress toward your collective revenue goal

Encourage friendly competitions through 1-on-1 Faceoff challenges

Communicate important deadlines and announcements on-the-fly

Build an energetic, celebratory culture within your sales team - even for your remote employees

Fire Newsflashes when Marketing-sources leads convert to customers

Track the right metrics

What gets measured gets done. Track the activities that lead to success from the systems that matter and make them public. Automatically pull metrics from your CRM system or spreadsheet. Every company is different, so customization is key if you want to track metrics in a way that fits your business model. With Hoopla’s Google Sheets integration, you can combine metrics from multiple systems to create brand new metrics automatically. Examples include

  • Conversion rates
  • Quota attainment
  • Revenue splits

Sales Gamification

Sales organizations have used gamification techniques for years. Stack ranks, contests, and deal boards are often displayed on white boards on the wall or sent through email. With Hoopla, automate all of that and more with exciting broadcast-quality TV channels. Challenge your team, showcase performance, and celebrate wins as they happen. On each custom channel you can

Celebrate Wins with the (Virtual) Sales Gong

Most successful sales cultures have some way of celebrating wins and recognizing top performers. The Sales Gong or Sales Bell has become a popular way to bring attention to key wins. Now, with Hoopla, you can celebrate wins with the virtual version of the sales gong displayed on screens around the office. Not just limited to a sales gong, you can also show breaking news alerts, warning sirens, or any other custom video clip that fits the celebration. Reps can also personalize their newsflashes with a custom video, gif, and walk-up song.

Sales Apps You Can Use With Hoopla

Hoopla API

Google Sheets


Salesforce based apps

  • Job Science
  • Veeva
  • Or any app, object or field that feeds a Salesforce report

Hoopla API or Zapier Connected Apps

  • Pipedrive
  • Microsoft CRM
  • Calendly
  • PipelineDeals
  • ACT!
  • Cloze
  • Close.io
  • Sugar CRM
  • Nutshell CRM
  • Insightly
  • Bullhorn CRM

Email Upload

  • NetSuite
  • Microsoft CRM
  • Homegrown Apps

Big culture change – we’ve made selling fun and exciting. Recognition is a great motivating factor. Deals are talked about for days.

Ben Jackson
VP Sales at Voices.com