Hoopla by Raydiant Employee Recognition Platform

Harness The
of Employee Recognition

High-performance cultures don’t happen by accident—they require planning. A core part of this plan requires employee recognition. And successful recognition programs are done in a meaningful way.

What Does Meaningful Employee Recognition Look Like?

Recognition is meaningful when given in a personalized and intentional way. What does personalized employee recognition look like? Celebrating each step forward—and doing it in the moment. And because your employees are unique individuals, so should your recognition programs and efforts.

Hoopla by Raydiant is an employee recognition platform with the tools you need to create a culture of meaningful recognition. Real-time tracking of individual and team performance metrics keep you informed of who’s going above and beyond. Fun, digital celebration tools let you instantly shout out top performers and contest winners—whether in your same office or across remote locations. And who doesn’t love a gift—especially when your employees get to pick their own from a menu of rewards they'll love. Saying “well done” has never been easier—or more impactful.

Newsflash Alerts

Recognize workers in real-time

Cheer, congratulate, celebrate—our Newsflashes let you do it all. These real-time alerts use Hoopla by Raydiant’s automated data integration to populate your screens and direct messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams with congratulatory messages whenever there’s an employee or team win.

And now with our mobile app, Newsflashes can be access when employees are out and about so they never miss the chance to celebrate.

Customize your messages with fun graphics, videos, GIFs, and music to make the moment even more special.

Almost 80% of employees

that quit their job cite “lack of appreciation” as the reason. On the flip side, sincere praise for a job well done reduces turnover, fuels performance, and boosts productivity. We have several tools to help you motivate your team for better engagement and performance.

Live Leaderboards

Celebrate them with the whole team

When an employee goes above and beyond, make sure your whole office knows about it. Our live leaderboards are like your very own office scoreboards, tracking employee performance in real time, and celebrating them on screen the moment they achieve that goal or KPI. Publicly recognize your workers and teams when they win workplace contests, reach special milestones, or celebrate a birthday or anniversary. With Hoopla by Raydiant’s seamless data integration and easy-to-set-up digital signage, you’re always ready for a win.

Create the ultimate employee experience

Happy employees lead to better ROI: we’ve crunched the numbers, and seen it for ourselves. Our eBook “How to Create the Ultimate Employee Experience” shows that research, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to create the ultimate employee experience to improve your bottom line and workplace morale.

Supercharge Your Team

Get a demo of Hoopla by Raydiant and let us show you how you
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