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Broadcast your Salesforce Data

Get the most out of your CRM investment with Hoopla's gamification for Salesforce. Hoopla integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce system, helping you drive user adoption and display Salesforce CRM data in a dynamic, engaging way that brings your CRM metrics to life

Simple Integration

Connect your CRM data with Hoopla and have your metrics broadcasted on leaderboards within minutes. Our integration connects seamlessly with Salesforce’s APIs

Map Any Object, Any Field

Any data in a tabular or summary report can be synced with Hoopla. Create leaderboards based on any metric, and start recognizing your team for hitting important goals.

Works With Most Editions

Hoopla works with Professional, Enterprise & Unlimited editions. Professional requires an API access add-on.

Salesforce loved us so much, they invested in us.

Stop by the AppExchange to see what customers are saying about Hoopla. From boosting motivation to just adding bit more fun to the workday, Hoopla is a solution you're sure to love.