Fluid Edge Themes

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Integrate with the applications you already use

Use any of our integrations or API to help automate data updates from other apps, keeping your Leaderboards and Newsflashes up-to-date throughout your workday.

Manage your account with user-friendly UI

Create and manage your Hoopla account with user-friendly wizards. Build metrics, leaderboards, newsflashes, and channels, all with support from your customer success rep. You can get a proof-of-concept going in no time!

Make set-up a snap with turn-key TV

Get everything you need to run Hoopla on any large screen TV. Your dedicated device runs Hoopla TV 24/7-- no admin necessary, no keyboard or mouse (after setup); patches and software updates are managed directly by Hoopla. Pull it out of the box, use easy to follow plug & activation instructions and you’re ready to go - and go and go and go!

Let us show you how Hoopla can help your team.