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Deliver the Hoopla experience to your employees - anytime, anywhere. Promote a culture of communication and celebration by sending notifications for every important milestone and achievement made by an individual or team.

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Never miss a beat with Hoopla

Check your rank

View your Leaderboards to see how you rank within your team. All metrics and rankings are updated in real time.

Personalize Newsflashes

Upload selfies and GIFs to customize your Newsflashes. While on-the-go, use Quickfire Newsflashes to send updates or give thanks to your colleagues.

Challenge teammates

Initiate a Faceoff with one of your teammates directly from your mobile device. Hoopla keeps track of the score and updates you throughout the challenge!

Stay Updated With Push Notifications

Breaking News

Get alerts whenever a teammate hits quota, closes a big deal, or meets their call goal. Engage with the rest of your team by using Newsflashes to inform them of your progress or post a congratulatory message.

Faceoff Updates

Receive push notifications about your Faceoff competitions as they unfold. Aside from announcing the winner, Hoopla will notify you any time the leader changes, and if the contest goes into sudden death overtime.