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Salesforce + Hoopla

Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce to bring your data to life with beautiful leaderboards, sales contests and real-time recognition. 

Easy, Flexible Administration

Install in minutes and easily create new metrics, leaderboards, and contests right from the Salesforce reports you already use. Hoopla supports both standard and custom Salesforce objects, so your customizations are no problem. Assign different team members to different leaderboards and contests, Hoopla’s automatic syncing makes user management a snap.

View Your Hoopla Stats in Salesforce 

See your Hoopla leaderboards, games and teams at a glance. Team members can view their Hoopla profiles directly within Salesforce, drill down to view members of a leaderboard or game, and draw head to head comparisons. Reps can also challenge other team players to a competition, and even engage in a little trash talk.

Broadcast Your Salesforce Data

Get the most out of your CRM investment with Hoopla’s gamification for Salesforce. Hoopla integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce system, helping you drive user adoption and display Salesforce CRM data in a dynamic, engaging way that brings your CRM metrics to life.

Integrate with Salesforce

See how Hoopla can integrate with Salesforce to leverage the best of both worlds – your data with Hoopla’s power to motivate.¬†

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