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Hoopla TV

A Customizable Data Driven Business TV Platform

With Hoopla, you can broadcast live updates on TVs across offices company wide. Give your entire team instant visibility into performance progress and have fun while doing it.

Get Creative with Endless Customization

No limit here – create as many Hoopla Channels as you want, exactly the way you want it. With Hoopla, you can create multiple channels with different themes, metrics highlighted, and individuals displayed. Upload profile images, your favorite celebration song, and GIFs to customize your Channel the way you want it.

Make every workday engaging

With Hoopla, work doesn’t have to be dull. By bringing your data to life and facilitating friendly competition, Hoopla helps your teammates stay personally engaged.

Celebrate Wins as They Happen

When a sales rep hits their goal, Hoopla automatically fires a newsflash on TVs company-wide featuring the winner’s profile and quota hit. With Hoopla, everyone can share the excitement.
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Keep KPIs top-of-mind

Show the number of active trial accounts, your social following growth compared to last week, or progress toward a company goal. Number Step for Teams is a great way to keep a particular KPI top-of-mind and everyone up-to-date!

Create a highlight reel for achievements

Use the Activity Recap step to highlight the last several Newsflashes posted by players. Showcase the achievements of each team player in this highlight reel – never miss a beat!

Stay Motivated and Engaged

Use the Motivational Quotes step to easily add inspiration to your Channel. Sometimes, all you need is a small boost to get through the day, and the Motivational Quotes step helps you do just that. A little motivational goes a long way!

Get expert advice – right on your TV

Productivity doesn’t always come naturally. With this Tips & Tricks step, keeping goals top of mind and staying on track is as easy as watching TV.

Engage even more on Social Media

Show Tweets from an account, Tweets that mention an account, or Tweets containing a specific hashtag. The Twitter Step is a great way to stay engaged with industry topics and showcase your Marketing team’s latest Tweets.

Stay connected anytime, anywhere

Employees can stream Hoopla TV via their computer, so they can stay connected when on business trips, out making sales calls, or working remotely.
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