results and recognition

Keeping employees engaged is a challenge. Hoopla by Raydiant Newsflashes are like breaking news alerts that reach employees in real time wherever they are: in front of office TV screens, at their desktop, on Slack or Teams, or on their smartphone. Anytime something important happens—landing a new client, meeting the quarterly quota, celebrating Taco Tuesday (you define “important”)—a Newsflash lets everyone know it’s time to celebrate. Add videos, walk-up songs, and custom avatars for an instant office party break.

Shout out
top performers

Publicly shout out your employees for their wins, large and small. Newsflashes broadcast company wide, across multiple devices, so everyone can celebrate your employees’ best moments as they occur. This is the immediate recognition that workers crave—and deserve. Keep them engaged, and motivated to do more, with these real-time acknowledgments.

Hype up the team

Newsflashes create the ice-breaking moments your employees need to build stronger, more cohesive teams. When a Newsflash alert hits, your employees can respond with messages like “Nice job!” and “You’re on fire!” And everyone has that song that amps them up—add it to your Newsflash alert! Newsflashes keep the atmosphere light and social, even as you and your team work hard to make things happen.

Keep everyone
in the loop

No one wants to be the last to know—especially in the workplace, where 86% of employees blame failures on poor communication. A Newsflash lets everyone know when a team has hit their numbers or achieved a goal. These deal alerts keep everyone in the loop—even remote workers and dispersed teams are part of the conversation.

More engagement, less turnover

Engaged employees are happier and more productive. Newsflashes keep the momentum going in the office, so there’s always something—and someone—to celebrate. That’s the type of positive reinforcement that makes employees thrive. It’s also the workplace morale that keeps top performers from looking elsewhere. 

Supercharge Your Team

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