Help your team visualize success

Create a high-performance culture and improve employee morale with live leaderboards. These real-time “scoreboard” office screens keep important goals in front of your team, tracking competition results in real time. Watch employees cheer their team to victory, and see their glow of accomplishment as they hit each milestone.

Motivate with real-time goal tracking

Whether the competition is across the company, in teams, or as individual “players,” office leaderboards track their progress with at-a-glance visuals. Employees can see when they are on the right track, and when they need to push a bit harder. The instant there’s a win, the employee or team is celebrated on screen, with photos and results, as a public shoutout. 

Get visibility on
important metrics

Hoopla by Raydiant’s open platform lets you easily import your data, allowing you to choose which metrics to track and display on your leaderboards. This gives managers and employees instant better visibility to the key metrics that matter. Managers can use this visibility to make important business forecasts and employee KPIs. And employees will appreciate having their goals communicated more clearly. 

Recognize your top performers

Moment to moment, Hoopla by Raydiant leaderboards will show who’s in the lead and who’s pulling up the rear. Nobody wants to be last, and our system works off of this psychology, which shows that people work harder when they think their work matters. You’ll also get insight into who are your top performers, and who may need more help succeeding.

How does a Hoopla by Raydiant leaderboard work?

The Hoopla by Raydiant system imports data from your CRM, spreadsheets, or anywhere you manage your data. This data is then used to populate your Hoopla by Raydiant leaderboard with important metrics, which you can customize as you like. Raydiant-enabled office screens are used to display these leaderboards, which update in real time. 

Supercharge Your Team

Get a demo of Hoopla by Raydiant and let us show you how you
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