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It’s human psychology: the more interactive an experience, the more engaged we are. Energize your office and stir up a healthy competitive spirit by turning goals into games. Challenge employees with fun workplace contests, team tournaments, and head-to-head battles. These performance-driving games create camaraderie with co-workers, encourage open communication between departments and employees, and build the cohesive culture you need to grow your business.

Company contests

Encourage everyone to work together to reach a common goal. Company-wide contests act as great icebreakers between employees and teams that don’t normally work together. Plus, they show your employees how each individual win contributes to the success of your business, fostering a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Sales competitions

Salespeople are no strangers to competition. Why not make it interesting by turning it into a game? Decide on the metrics you’ll track to win—deals closed, emails sent, qualified leads found—and go from there. Rev up your reps’ competitive spirit by seeing who can race to the finish line, win against another team, or stand out on their own as a top seller.

Team tournaments

Create a sport-like team environment with team tournaments, which turn achieving goals and KPIs into a fun social event. Watch as individual employees use their skills, and learn new ones, to benefit the team as a whole. Your reps will love cheering each other on (and even engaging in a bit of friendly trash talk). Select up to 64 players and play in rounds, where each winner advances to the next until one winner stands.

One-on-one battles

Go head to head with one-on-one batters, where employees compete in twos against each other. These face offs are great for employees that are motivated with more direct competition, and for battles where both employees are similar performers. Set the battle up, or let your employees initiate it themselves, and watch as they race to the top.

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