Enterprise Management

Easy-to-scale signage for every business

Whether you have one location or one hundred, and one TV or twenty, Raydiant is the digital signage solution that scales with you. Raydiant offers subscriptions for companies of all sizes and all industries, in a platform designed to grow with your business. Flexible enough to adapt to your company’s changing needs, Raydiant is also robust enough to manage all the moving parts of your business with ease.

Cloud access and management

Imagine running your business from your couch, or even the beach! Raydiant’s cloud-based system, accessible from any device with internet, makes it possible. Use a secure login to update digital signs, menu boards, and so much more from anywhere, any time. Need to update one or more of your screens, at any or all locations? Simply log onto the Raydiant dashboard, make those changes, and your screens will update in seconds. 

Simple installation
and setup

If you know how to plug in a USB drive, you know how to install Raydiant. Using their proprietary Screen Ray device, plug it into your TV’s HDMI port, follow the quick on-screen tutorial to set it up, and you’re all set! Compare this to legacy software and other systems that take days to install across your business, and weeks to train your staff. Raydiant is ready to go—and use—in minutes. 


Raydiant keeps things simple and user-friendly with an intuitive dashboard. Users can quickly find what they need, and learn how things work, with no IT experience needed. Simple drag-and-drop tools and templates make it easy to create designer-level screen content without any prior experience. Forget tons of downtime and intensive employee training—Raydiant works for you from day one.

Supercharge Your Team

Get a demo of Hoopla by Raydiant and let us show you how you
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